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Accelerating learning with reading, writing, note taking, math and executive function tools. Enhancing success in academics, career, and life for individuals age 8 and beyond.

WeBelieveSwoopEveryone should have the opportunity to reach their true learning potential and demonstrate their knowledge. Everyone deserves the joy of reading, regardless of their individual challenges, and everyone can write what their minds can imagine. Technology is the tool to ignite success in academics, career and life.


Does this describe someone you know?

  • Reads at a slow pace and reading level is below age or grade level
  • Struggles to comprehend and retain what is read
  • Has difficulties with handwriting, spelling, taking good notes or typing
  • Lacks study skills
  • Has trouble organizing thoughts and defining goals
  • Is disorganized with assignment information, materials, or calendar use
  • Demonstrates a discrepancy between verbal and written replies to questions. ¬†Written replies reflect less organization, shorter sentences lacking detail, and may have spelling and grammar errors.
  • Struggles with starting projects, staying on task or completing projects

There are solutions!

THINK with Success provides customized, individual and group educational opportunities for consultations, training, workshops, and presentations on technology and assistive technology (AT) tools used for achieving greater independence, productively, and success in academics, career, and life for individuals, K-12 schools, colleges and career settings.

Technology and Assistive Technology (AT) Tools we utilize include software and devices to increase success with reading (tools to read text aloud), writing (speech recognition, word prediction, spelling and grammar support, graphic mind mapping), organization and executive function, math (written expression of syntax), notetaking (smartpen and Cornell notes) as well as test prep and memorization and other applications as appropriate.

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Everyone should have the chance to achieve their true potential and THINK with Success!